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The Rights Of Nature PH

challenges the idea that the Earth’s living systems are properties and objects primarily for humanity’s use; they are resources that are infinite.

It seeks to end the large-scale industrial extraction and pollution. It advocates for respect of Earth’s natural systems and functions and recognizes that nature has rights.

Adopt a Holistic and Integrative Development Paradigm

There is a need to continuously explore new development perspective that will challenge the existing paradigm that treats nature as objects to own and consume.

Recognize Nature as a Living and Rights Bearing Entity

Pass a national law that will recognize nature as having rights.

Advocate for an Eco-centric Approach to local governance

Influence key local leaders and stakeholders to ensure that inclusion of nature as an integral part of the social life and systems of local communities.

Practice Sustainable Lifestyle

Help people, group and communities to innovate and embrace a way of living that is in harmony with the rhythm and processes of nature.

Important Values

Everything Is Connected

All beings in the Earth community are created with specific role and function in the web of life. Each has value to one another creation.

Nature Has Intrinsic Value and Rights.

All being derives its value from One life source. Rights is part of the collective rights due to all living beings. It challenges the notion that only humans have rights.

Nature is Not a Mere Property that can be used infinitely.

Nature is composed of an interconnected life system that we are a part of.  It challenges the idea that the Earth’s living systems are infinite and properties that humans can own and use beyond its carrying capacity .

Man Is Not Above Nature

Humas are only one part of the Earth’s community. RoN challenges the prevailing world view that places humans above nature and with dominion over nature.

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What Is Rights Of Nature

Why Embrace the Rights of Nature?

To help address the continuing ecological crisis – climate changes and loss of biodiversity caused by humanity’s destructive actions.

To help change the current global systems – economic, political, cultural that is heavily reliant on massive use and extraction of nature beyond the earth’s carrying capacity.

To foster a new way of living that is physically and spiritually connected and inter-dependent with all beings.

Pledge Of The Commitment

For the Passage Rights of Nature Bill and Building a Sapat Lifestyle Movement.

Sampuso, Sandiwa para sa Sangnilikha – 4 October 2020, Season of Creation.

All information provided will be kept confidential. We will not disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent.

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