A Few Words

About Us


A Few Words About Us

The Rights of Nature PH is a growing civil society movement advocating for a change in human relationship with nature. It creates a platform to coordinate actions to protect people and nature.

The movement pursues a RoN campaign towards a shift in perspective – from a human-centered and utility-driven human relationship with nature to a perspective that recognizes human and nature’s shared common and deeply intertwined evolutionary history.

It pushes for national and local laws that will give legal rights to nature, advocate for an ecologically sustainable economics and eco-centric governance and mainstream the practice of a sustainable or Sapat lifestyle.

Introducing the Rights Of Nature Campaign

In 2018, PMPI together with NASSA/Caritas Philippines and its 250 member organizations launched the Rights of Nature campaign through a national caravan called ‘Salakyag para sa Sangnilika’. The caravan started from Zamboanga City and traversed lands and seas to Metro Manila.

Launching of Rights of Nature Campaign at the Arroceros Forest Park in Manila City. September 2018.

Sectoral consultations were held for the drafting of the RON Bill.

Rights of Nature promotion to the academe, public events, and other several gatherings.

On July 2019, People’s Congress on the Rights of Nature was held in Quezon City. It gave birth to a new network called Rights of Nature PH. RON Congress participants also trooped to the United People’s SONA 2019 championing the call to Recognize the Rights of Nature.

For the first time in Philippine Congress history, Rights of Nature bills were filed in both houses of Congress by Senator Risa Hontiveros and Rep. Kit Belmonte of the 6th District of Quezon City.