Recognize And Protect Our Nature
Push a new legal framework - Nature as Legal Entity. Be a member of RON PH or volunteer with us.
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Involved All Sectors
Explore and craft alternative development paradigm. Youth , Indegenous Peoples, Women and Children, Farmers and Fisherfolks, LGBT, and all of you can contribute!
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Advocate for Eco-governance. Building a sustainable environment needs policy change and consistent implementation by the state.
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Sustainable Lifestyle
Embrace and Live a Sustainable or Sapat Lifestyle.
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Important Values

Everything Is Connected

We must recognize that we are intertwined and part of nature.

Nature Has Intrinsic Rights

Change the very core of our economic, socio-cultural and legal frameworks toward adhering to the natural laws of the Earth; to recognize that nature has intrinsic rights that are inevitably linked to not only to human but other species.

Nature Is Not Mere Property & Infinite

Challenge the idea that Earth’s living systems are property and it is infinite; end the large scale and industrial extraction and pollution of natural systems and functions.

Man Is Not Above Nature

Challenge the prevailing world-view that places humans above nature, and with dominion over nature.

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What Is Rights Of Nature

Why Should We Push For The Rights Of Nature?

The Rights of Nature PH is a campaign and growing global movement to protect the environment by recognizing that nature, like humans, has intrinsic rights. It is a holistic appreciation that all life, all ecosystems on our planet are deeply intertwined.

Pledge Of The Commitment

For the Passage Rights of Nature Bill and Building a Sapat Lifestyle Movement.

Sampuso, Sandiwa para sa Sangnilikha – 4 October 2020, Season of Creation.

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